• High-Tech!

    X-ray machine "All in One"

    Planmeca 3D X-ray unit introduces a unique combination of three different types of data in three-dimensional format. Planmeca is one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech dental equipment.

  • Dental technology equipment and materials

    French company UGIN DENTAIRE founded in 1970 specializes in the design and manufacture of modern dental equipment and materials meeting international standards and quality.

  • Oral care

    ""Stomed" company is an exclusive representative of the PresiDENT and Betafarma products in Kazakhstan. PresiDENT dental family is an organic union of traditions and innovations and by right shall be regarded a work of ar. Now PresiDENT dental line is made only by Italian pharmaceutical companies in accordance with ISO International Quality System requirements.

  • Next generation dentistry!

    Up-to-date Olsen Brazilian company manufacturing dental equipment was founded in 1979 and over the years established itself as a high-quality dental equipment manufacturer.

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